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Tigers Can Swim

5 December 1986
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Career stasus: I'm 20, in college, living with my parents and don't have a job. Other than the "in college" part I guess I'm kind of a loser. I plan on becoming a mechanic or repairperson. A little discouraged because that field is basically open mainly for men.

Dwelling place: I live in Baltimore, Maryland which is convenient for getting to Otakon.

Family: I have a sister whose husband I hated until just after Easter when, miraculously, we went through two entire dinners in a row without having a fight. Don't know what happened there, I guess I just find him less annoying now. I also have the most wonderful mom and the wierdest dad in the world.

Pets: There is a dog, three cats and two rats living in my home. The dog, Wolfie is my mom's, two of the cats, Salem and Teddy, were my sisters until she moved into her husbands apartment that apparently has a limit on number of pets so now they're my cats. Pilot the cat is my baby, even though he's a fat, lazy, middle-aged cat now. The rats are also mine, their names are Thorn and Demeter and they're both female.

Skills: I can play a little guitar, but not very well. I can make hemp jewelry very well, I'm thinking of selling some at next years craft fair. I can put off writing a report until the day it's due, get it done in an hour and still get an A (really pround of that one), I'm good at math, I'm good at fixing things (my house would be falling apart without me, especially the stupid screen door), and I'm good at video games which is pretty much my most useless skill. Unless you count random babbling.
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